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Avon Personal Recruitment Page PRP

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 3, 2014

Setting up your Avon Personal Recruitment Page

The Personal Recruitment Page ( PRP ) is a web based page designed by Avon to provide a way for Sales Leaders to advertise their business online, if you haven't set yours up already then click here. It's simple and easy to set up, plus the benefits are great! Simply fill in the details asked and away you go.

Avon Personal Recruitment Page (PRP)

Avon Personal Recruitment Page (PRP)

Making the most of your Avon Personal Recruitment page

1. Check your profile picture

Make sure it is a nice friendly photo of yourself, preferably a head shot with only you in the picture. This shows you are professional, and of course nice enough to approach!

2. Add links to your social networking sites

Add all of your business links! This can be anything from Facebook to your personal website. This gives them a chance to see more about you.

3. Maximise your introduction text

Make sure to keep it short yet professional and friendly. Let them know why they should join your team and give them a vibe of the lovely person that you are! Be yourself.

4. Create and easy to remember website address

Search for 'Domain Names' online to find a domain host, choose an easy to remember website address and redirect your Personal Recruitment Page to it. Make sure to adhere to the advertising guidelines e.g. it cannot include the word 'Avon'. Ours is GailsReps and we make sure it's everywhere possible!

5. Share your Personal Recruitment page

Not only should you put your web page on social networks, but remember to include it on any printed materials you hand out like flyers and business cards! Spread the word of your link and if you've followed some of our tips on how to make the most out of it, every one will remember to visit!

Visit my Avon Personal Recruitment page at: http://prp.uk.avon.com/gailsavon

Avon Personal Recruitment Page (PRP)

Avon Personal Recruitment Page (PRP)

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