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Momentum in business

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 12, 2014

Building a business momentum isn't easy, but when you create an unstoppable momentum great things will begin to happen.

Like riding a bike

Recently I was teaching my daughter Rosie (on her 9th birthday) how to ride a BIGGER bike!.  The technique is still the same, it is just a bigger frame and there fore she needed a faster momentum.  "Pick up your speed" I called out to her...and within seconds she suddenly stopped wobbling and began the momentum she need to keep going.  Business is no different....

Building a business is like riding a bike

Building a business is like riding a bike

Picking up the speed

Picking up momentum and speed will take little to no skill at all if you are already doing it.  So think about how you have been building or have built your business in the past and what kind of momentum you had at what points within the business.  I can guarantee that your successful times and points of growth were when you didn't take your foot off the pedal but instead you kept picking up the speed.

Try it, begin today with picking up the momentum in your business.  Make it your mission to build with a momentum that is slightly faster than you have done before.  Give your business more time (and I mean quality time) every day, and continuously.  You WILL see the difference in your business growth in no time at all.

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