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Avon Insight magazine Issue 4 2014

Written by Gail Reynolds on December 11, 2014

This is our fourth quarter Avon Insight magazine, exclusively for Avon Sales Leaders. The Avon Insight magazine is designed to show you the new top Avon projects, recognition and incentives, and also it includes helpful tips to help you grow your Avon business. (click here for Avon Insight magazine issue 3 2014 if you missed it last time!)

Avon Insight magazine Issue 4 2014 highlights

Avon Insight magazine issue 4 2014 cover

Avon Insight magazine issue 4 2014 cover

Exclusive Sales Leader Avon highfive incentive

This incentive is fantastic! Avon incentives don't get much better than this one! It gives you the opportunity to have an unlimited amount of bonuses, twice! If you didn't catch our blog on this, basically it runs between campaigns 2-3 2015, and 3-4 2015. You need to sign up as many representatives that place an MOV order on LOA1 in order to get a higher bonus, and for the second time round those LOA1's need to be placing an LOA2 MOV order. The more you have, the higher the potential earnings is EACH. E.g, have 3-4 LOA1/2s and earn £25 each (£75-£100 total), or have 11+ and earn £55 each (£605+ total). You can read more on this on our blog, or on page 6 of Avon Insight magazine issue 4.

Remember: Plan, learn, recruit, nurture, earn

 President's Club 2015

We are loving the new and improved President's Club. As you can see in the Avon Insight magazine, they quoted us:

Avon Gail and Brian Reynolds PC membership quote

Avon Gail and Brian Reynolds PC membership quote

The new President's Club has 6 levels, and many more rewards including Love2Shop and redletter day vouchers.

"We know that President's Club members in your team means higher potential earnings for you, so to help and support with this, we've launched a fantastic new President's Club programme with new levels, more rewards and recognition!"

To find out more, visit our President's Club 2015 blog or go to page 10/11 of Avon Insight magazine issue 4.

Avon Personal Recruitment Pages (PRP)

If you have not set up your PRP yet, please click here for step by step instructions.

Having your PRP set up is a great business tool even if you've already got yourself a website of your own. It is another way for someone to find you, and it is a nice page! Avon have kept it very simple and  easy to use for us - giving us a layout anybody would love. It features and Avon advert, your details, your profile picture andf your own little block of text. Visit mine here.

PRP check list

Avon have kindly put together a PRP check list in the fourth quarter Avon Insight magazine.

Avon PRP Check list

Avon PRP Check list

You can find out more about Avon's PRPs by visiting my blog, or by going to page 15 of our Avon Insight Magazine.

 Avon beauty connects

Avon beauty connects is the online community for everyone to use. Ask questions get advice, check out easy to follow how-tos and have a general chit chat! Connect with experts on the easy to navigate site (which is also available for use on smart phone!) and talk on the dedicated Sales Leader discussion boards.

"Discover 100s of hot topics, join the conversation and post a comment. It's easy to ask a business question and search for topics already under discussion. Plus, your Representatives and customers will love the fresh new look and beauty advice from your Avon Beauty Connects experts."

Why not share the community with your Avon customers? You can give them the direct link to your profile (mine is here) - I have created a tinyurl link so it is personal rather than a long winded, hard to remember link. Click here to your one.

Training Room

Avon Training room

Avon Training room

Avon Insight magazine Issue 4 2014

Of course Avon Insight magazine, has lots more to see on top of this blog. We have picked out the highlights and simply what is most useful for us! You can view the Avon Insight magazine by clicking here, where you will find more recognition (your name could be mentioned!) interviews, and not forgetting the cool Layar app will allow you to see videos.


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