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Selling Avon – Avon lady sells half a million pound of lipsticks in 3 weeks

Posted: 11/14/12 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM, Team GBR Achievements

Have you ever doubted you could earn money by selling Avon? Then you will need to read this following TRUE story…. From sales of £62.00 in her 1st campaign Gail Reynolds earned little more than a fiver from her efforts back in November 2002. Today however is a different story.  By believing in the Avon company and […]

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Entrepreneur Gail Reynolds speaks at the European Parliament

Posted: 08/27/12 Categories: Newsflash, Sales Leadership and MLM

Lunch Discussion for European Direct Selling Association and MEP Barbara Matera Gail Reynolds is the Guest Speaker for Female Entrepreneurship at the European Parliament with Seldia the European DSA On July the 11th my sons 22nd birthday I hopped on board a train from Weymouth to Woking (London) It was going to be my 1st international Public Speaking invitation and […]

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Daily Mail On-Line meets the Avon Lady

Posted: 08/11/12 Categories: Newsflash, Sales Leadership and MLM

Gail Reynolds dubbed the £6 Million Pound Avon lady goes to the EU The European Parliament welcomes the Avon lady Gail Reynolds Avon Lady Entrepreneur is the only Direct Selling Guest Speaker for the Lunch time dinner at the European Parliament in Brussels Find out how the Daily Mail on-line have taken on Gails amazing story from […]

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An Avon success story

Posted: 03/22/12 Categories: Newsflash

Finding Avon success stories are hard to come by, but here Gail Reynolds talks about her success with the Global cosmetics company I started Avon in 2002 with 2 kids and a boyfriend and earned £7000 in my 1st year (5 hours a week). In 2011 I had 3 kids and a husband and earned £150,000.00 […]

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Prospecting Perseverance!

Posted: 01/27/12 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Prospecting Perseverance! Today I have to blog about one of my sales leaders Dawn Eccles Dawn has 2 boys aged 3 and 7 and Dawn has been an Avon lady for 4 years now and is a Presidents Club Member too. Recently Dawn found the pressures of her Full time job too much and decided to […]

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Gail Reynolds one of Avon’s Top Achievers talks about her Avon success

Posted: 12/1/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

    How did you initially become involved with Avon/What was your reasoning behind joining?   I joined Avon because I moved home and area (150 miles away from home)..Although I found a job working 20 hours a week 10-2pm Monday to Thursday I wasn’t meeting anyone my own age.  So, I looked in the […]

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How to find more Avon customers

Posted: 10/24/11 Categories: The basics of Avon

Free recourses Clicking on the images will give you lists of places to sell your Avon products and Earn even more money from your Avon Business.   Gail’s Reps prides itself on helping other representatives within the Avon world accomplish their dreams and desires to make their Avon business work for them. This is why […]

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Avon Simple Sample Challenge

Posted: 07/8/11 Categories: Team GBR & Avon Incentives

Hi Team Brian and I have put together a Simple Sample Challenge for you to increase your Avon sales by just 25% in campaign 12. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5sU-adq58c] What will this give you?…. 1. Samples to GIVE AWAY to all your Avon customers. 2. Increased Avon earnings on your campaign 12 order. 3. Long term potential Higher Sales […]

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Avon History

Posted: 03/30/11 Categories: The basics of Avon

Avon History The Avon Cosmetics Industry has grow from strength to strength 125 years of  celebrations in 2011 About Avon This year, Avon Products, Inc. celebrates 125 years of empowering women around the globe. As the world’s leading direct seller of beauty and related products, Avon now operates in over 100 countries with over $10 […]

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Avon are in Dorothy Perkins

Posted: 03/15/11 Categories: Events

 Ever thought about earning extra money to pay for the nicer things in life? Come along to Dorothy Perkins in Weymouth on Saturday the 19th and see what Avon Cosmetics can offer you. We are looking for Avon representatives throughout Dorset and anyone with a keen interest in earning extra cash to pay for those […]

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