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Entrepreneur Gail Reynolds speaks at the European Parliament

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 27, 2012

Lunch Discussion for European Direct Selling Association and MEP Barbara Matera

Gail Reynolds is the Guest Speaker for Female Entrepreneurship at the European Parliament with Seldia the European DSA

On July the 11th my sons 22nd birthday I hopped on board a train from Weymouth to Woking (London)

It was going to be my 1st international Public Speaking invitation and I was so excited. Not because it was going to be an amazing experience but because I had been invited to speak for ALL the entrepreneurial women with in the Direct Selling Industry throughout Europe. I was very honored to be representing such an inspirational group of women.  On arrival at the Brussels Airport (2 hours late) due the to Great British Weather, my personal driver was there to pick me up and take me to my hotel.

11pm and I was finally in The Chelton Hotel Brussels.  Tired, and apprehensive but extremely excited about my speech for the European Parliament for the next day.

The Female Entrepreneurship Business Lunch for the European Direct Selling Association in Brussels

After a couple of hours in the morning I was ready for my guest appearance as a Woman Entrepreneur in the Direct selling industry.  I was met by a lovely lady that walked me to the European Parliament

Inside was the hustle and bustle of the members of parliament that were getting ready to enter the room for the Lunch time discussion.  I checked in and made my way through the security checks.  Even this part of my journey was exciting and new to me so I made sure I remembered every minute!

Remember I am just an Avon lady from the UK, that joined Avon and the Direct Selling Industry to "Meet new people" because I was new to the town of Hastings!

So, I am in the room and there are so many important MEP's, journalists, and other women entrepreneurs that I started to feel a little nervous.  Who wouldn't!?

The room goes silent....

Maurits Bruggink, Executive Director of Seldia ( European Direct Selling Association) Introduces me as the Guest speaker

The £6 Million pound Avon lady, Woman Entrepreneur and Author

It sounds funny to hear someone introduce me as an Entrepreneur, I am a simple house wife and mum that needed something different.  I needed to change the way my life was going at the time and I was desperate to meet new people and make new friends.  This was the beginning of my speech....

Way back when I was just 15 years old I left school with no qualifications and began working a twilight shift in a local factory with my nan, mom and 3 auntie's..

Aged 18 I was a mum

Aged 23 I found myself in an Abusive relationship

Aged 25 I was a single parent again, to 2 kids, from 2 different dads, living on a council estate, living off benefits, no education, no job no prospects no confidence and no self esteem.  I was worthless.

In 2002 Avon and Direct Selling Changed my life forever

Sharing my story and my struggles as a single parent and the fact that I was pretty much written of by society, is such an honor for me.  I just want to share my journey and success with other women world wide that "Think they can't, do it, but they actually can".

I love Public speaking and I love to be given the opportunity to help touch and change someones life.  My book "Mum's the word" is a short story that talks you through what life was like in the beginning to the point I realised I had become a success through simply being ME! A mum, wife and woman that wanted more from life.

I hope you enjoyed my journey to Brussels as much as I did 🙂


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