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Selling Avon – Avon lady sells half a million pound of lipsticks in 3 weeks

Written by Gail Reynolds on November 14, 2012

Have you ever doubted you could earn money by selling Avon?

Then you will need to read this following TRUE story....

From sales of £62.00 in her 1st campaign Gail Reynolds earned little more than a fiver from her efforts back in November 2002. Today however is a different story.  By believing in the Avon company and its amazing business opportunity Gail decided to teach other women like her how to sell Avon and earn some money like her.  In doing so she created a small army of Avon ladies (and men) and began to see her sales increase each campaign (every 3 weeks). Now in 2012 Gail has achieved her highest Team Sales figure ever!..

Avon lady sells half a million pound in 3 weeks


Gail says in her business there is no recession, women still like to buy their makeup and look good, women will always have enough money to spare for their favourite Avon lipstick and  Avon's Anew skin care products.   But more importantly there are more and more women like Gail that want to take their financial future into their own hands.  This is where Gail's 10 years of expertise in the Avon world will help them build their business in half the time it has taken Gail.  From these actual sales Gail is likely to earn over £13'000.00 in income.  That's right £13'000.00 for just 3 weeks work, and it all began in November 2002 when Gail joined Avon to meet new people and earn a little extra cash.  Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and the opportunities you are given.

So, whether you know anything or everything about Avon and the Avon Sales leadership opportunity, Gail is definitely the Avon lady you need to talk to.


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