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An Avon success story

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 22, 2012

Finding Avon success stories are hard to come by, but here Gail Reynolds talks about her success with the Global cosmetics company

I started Avon in 2002 with 2 kids and a boyfriend and earned £7000 in my 1st year (5 hours a week). In 2011 I had 3 kids and a husband and earned £150,000.00 for an average 30 hours a week doing the same thing!

Why I started Avon in 2002 was because I moved towns. I was working part time 10 – 2pm Monday to Thursday but I didn’t have any friends. So I took some action & I found an ad in the local paper that said ‘Join Avon, Meet new people’ and within 48 hrs I was an Avon lady!

I had never sold a thing in my life up until that day and I was very nervous but very excited too. I simply wanted to meet some women my own age that had similar interests and I thought Avon was going to be a great Icebreaker if nothing else! So, I got myself a few books and order forms ready and set off to school to pick up Libby (aged 5 at the time).

I was mobbed! ....Read a bit more about Gail's Story

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