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Avon Simple Sample Challenge

Written by Gail Reynolds on July 8, 2011

Hi Team

Brian and I have put together a Simple Sample Challenge for you to increase your Avon sales by just 25% in campaign 12.


What will this give you?....

1. Samples to GIVE AWAY to all your Avon customers.

2. Increased Avon earnings on your campaign 12 order.

3. Long term potential Higher Sales from customers that TRY the FREE samples and BUY the Avon products in future campaigns.

4. Higher potential for you to reach Avon Presidents Club Membership for campaign 18 2011.

We are also offering the Anew Rejuvenate

Anew Rejuvinate Skin Reviatalising 14 Day System

Anew Rejuvenate Skin Revitalising 14 Day System

Skin Revitalising 14 day system to the TOP 2 Selling Avon Representatives on the team.

Imagine giving this away to your Best Customer...What a gift to give them for their loyalty to you as their Avon lady (or Man)

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