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Prospecting Perseverance!

Written by Gail Reynolds on January 27, 2012

Prospecting Perseverance!

Today I have to blog about one of my sales leaders Dawn Eccles

Dawn has 2 boys aged 3 and 7 and Dawn has been an Avon lady for 4 years now and is a Presidents Club Member too.

Recently Dawn found the pressures of her Full time job too much and decided to try a "Work From Home Business" with Avon Sales Leadership.

Not only has she taken to the business like a duck to water she has become such a vibrant and energetic woman with it.  She has  managed to inspire others to follow her lead in such a short space of time that she is clearly a natural born leader.

With only 1 hour here and one hour there Dawn manages her time and prioritizes it impeccably.  Just this morning she text me to say "Off out Prospecting this morning, wish me luck"....

Within minutes another text pings through "WooHoo, the 1st door I knocked and I got a new team member!"

There is no way that you could teach this type of enthusiasm, you simply have it or you don't.

Dawn is an inspiration to other women out there that don't think they could possibly manage running a business around their kids.  Well she proves you can!

Inspiring people come in all shapes sizes ages and colour, who is your inspiration and why don't you aspire to be the same?

7  tips for productive prospecting

1. Always make time to do it! regardless of how you "Feel" about it.  Prospecting builds your confidence and every recruiter should be doing it.

2. Don't be put of by the No's, it isn't personal it just isn't for them today.

3. Remember why you are prospecting...You are offering an amazing opportunity for someone to Earn An Extra Income.

4. Prospecting is not about YOU!..Sell the opportunity & the benefits correctly and confidently and the rest happens naturally

5. Always have a personal "Leads Book" a small note pad for the names and numbers of people that show an interest

6. Follow up on those prospects, each month make a call to those that haven't joined yet, their personal circumstances may have changed by now and this might be the right time!

7. The more you prospect the more team members you will find (It's the law of averages) If you ask 100 people and 1 says Yes, then ask 200 tomorrow and get 2 Yes's!


2 responses to “Prospecting Perseverance!”

  1. Brian says:

    I cant emphasize how much prospecting works. I know it can be scary, i know many of us don’t like the thought of cold calling, but there is something about the Avon that makes it pleasant and successful. As Nike would say – Just Do It.
    Its Free
    its Local

  2. Nicky says:

    I couldn’t agree more! You are both inspirational to me.. and to many others!! I can’t wait to get out prospecting now and I’m pretty sure that’s mostly down to you guys and my excellent upline. Thank you! 🙂

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