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Time to make your Mobile Phone work for you!

Written by Gail Reynolds on May 7, 2020

Time to make your Mobile Phone work for you!

Mobile phones

It will take you less time to watch this than to make a cup of coffee!

Avon’s 100% Online Business is waiting for you

Want more on how to make your Mobile Phone work for you?

Use my 5 Steps below to gain access to your complete success!

1. Login to your avon account via https://uk.avon.social/login
2. Watch your Getting Started Guide (3 Minutes) 


 3. Getting Started Webinar (10 Minutes) 


4. Connecting the Facebook Group App on Mobile - - (based on iPhone but similar process for Android)


5. Need Support? – e-mail support@Avon.social


Avon Social Hub is your way to a successful 100% online business with Avon.  

2020 is the time of world change.  When I realised this I knew our family run business had something to offer those that needed to change with the world.

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