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Earning money from your online Avon Customer list

Written by Gail on February 28, 2018

Earning money with your online Avon Customer list is so easy you'll wish you had thought of it earlier!

I am going to show you how to copy your list from your Avon website into a simple Excel spreadsheet.  And from that spreadsheet you can contact your customers whenever you like!

Share your amazing Avon Online store with your customers

Obviously one of the main reasons to contact your Avon customers is to share the fabulous offers Avon have, but there is so much more you can do for your customers!  One of my top tips is to imagine YOU were your very own customer.  What would put you OFF opening up an email from you and what would keep you excited and interested?  More importantly ask yourself what would make me want to spend my money in your online shop?

  • Simply stay in touch
  • Thank your customers for their loyal custom
  • Share amazing deals and offers
  • Remind them of the 100% money back guarantee
  • Share the FREE DELIVERY on orders over £30 

To create a good relationship with your customers you must NOT just sell sell sell!  Don't forget YOU need to see yourself as the customer too so have some fun with your customers.

Entertain your Avon customers


Avon make up lipstick quote

Try to be informative and caring aswel as sharing how amazing the Avon store is this month!

So, let's go get your customer list and start using it every campaign.

  1. Login to your Avon account and click 
  2. In the drop down list click My Customers
  3. On the bottom right corner click See All
  4. Copy and then paste all of your customers into a brand new excel spreadsheet
  5. You will only need their Name - Email - Phone Number so you can delete the rest

Now you will have your very own customer list to send your personal emails too and be on the road to doubling your money!

Remember your Avon online store has some beautiful images and offers as well as videos that you can copy into your personalized emails.  Use them and make your emails beautiful and informative.  

Good luck and I hope you enjoy building your income aswel as your relationships with your Online Avon Customers x

Gail Reynold


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