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The reality of a Passive Income

Written by Gail on February 28, 2019

The reality of a passive income

I would really like to personally congratulate all of Team GBR for persevering and continuing to have faith that all will 'come good' in the end. You have made me very very proud and humbled to your tenacity and courage to keep building and braving the storm.
 The passive income reality
There is another reason I wanted to share with you today and that is the results of C4 League tables.
Passive income
Firstly I wanted to say
CONGRATULATIONS TO Jane Philpott and Howard Philpott for their continued success and growth in their businesses.  Rocking in at Number 7 as one of the highest paid in the UK is outstanding!
 Howard and Jane Philpott Avon in Cardiff and Newport
And to Brian Reynolds (not only my other half, but my partner in crime and in business) for being there for all of you and myself, when we all needed the support and guidance and motivation to keep going and working through the tough times.
Another HUGE THANK YOU and congratulations once again to Team GBR because without you we wouldn't still be ranking in at the 2nd highest paid Avon Sales Leaders in the UK!
It's a huge victory and I wanted you all to feel proud of what you have enabled us to achieve.  Today,  when I looked at the above tables, I not only realised just how far that 1st goal I set and achieved has got me, but also, how my LIFE LONG DREAM of retiring aged 50 (I am only 47) has become a reality.
Also, these results today made me realise one of my personal LIFE LONG DREAMS had actually become a reality.
When I joined Avon back in 2002 it was only EVER to meet new people and make lots of new friends. I wanted to quit my job and be at home with my kids and I needed to earn £100 a week to pay the basic bills of gas, electric and food. I did it in 5 months!

Team GBR in 2011 

Team GBR

Team GBR

 Dreaming and realising a PASSIVE INCOME

At such a young age (me aged 47 and Brian 48) has really and truly become our reality.

We won't ever forget the long hours, the missed school plays, and the knock backs we've had to endure, but equally we will never ever forget the victories, the achievements and the beautiful memories and friends we have made along the way.
Being able to sit back and now watch some of your victories and your courage and strength is an absolute honour.
I want to thank you all for helping me realise my dream and allowing me to be a part of your journeys too.


Friends first

Avon second

We love you all!
p.s. Here's to the next PASSIVE INCOME achiever within Team GBR....
Who will it be?

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