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This is Avon

Written by Gail on August 8, 2019

Welcome to our This is Avon Meetings for 2019

This is Avon

All our 'This is Avon' meetings are held by Representatives and Leaders of Avon, we are there to share our journey, our tips, our ideas and above all our encouragement for you to succeed and begin an amazing Avon business of your own.

Anyone is welcome to come along, listen, ask questions and start their own Avon business too.

There is no pressure and lots of fun to be had!

Find out what went on at our latest This is Avon Meetings August 2019

Pop along, learn more about our business opportunities, check out our latest products. 

These Avon meetings are free for anyone to attend so why not invest your time in a This is Avon meeting today?

Meet Brenda Clarke... Her journey with Avon so far is remarkable

To become a part of Brenda's team simply find here here on Facebook 

After Brenda's story we heard of Dawn Fazackerley....

Dawn shares with us how her team has sold more than £15,000.00 since applying her simple strategy of turning 20 Avon Brochures into £2800.00 worth of sales.

Here Dawn shares how she and her team are doing it!

If you like what Dawn has to offer then simply click here to find her on Facebook

To find out more about This is Avon Meetings and how you could join Avon today simply get in touch by clicking here

join avon with us at gailsreps.co.uk


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