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New Nextdoor app for Avon

Written by Gail on August 17, 2017

Nextdoor is the private social network for you, your neighbours and your community. It's the easiest way for you and your neighbours to talk online and make all of your lives better in the real world.

People are using Nextdoor to:

  • Borrow a ladder
  • Organise a Neighbourhood Watch Group
  • Track down a trustworthy babysitter
  • Find out who does the best paint job in town
  • Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost dog
  • Find a new home for an outgrown bike
  • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name

Nextdoor’s mission is to provide a trusted platform where neighbours work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, all over the world.

So, as you can tell, Nextdoor is a lot like your local bulletin and newsboard down the village hall. It's excellent. All this information at your fingertips!

That's why we love it so much, and strongly suggest using the Nextdoor app for Avon. 

How will the Nextdoor app build my Avon business?

Let's firstly hear it from the people that count - YOU.

Review from Gailsreps Representative team members on the Nextdoor app for Avon

I am super excited for the future of this app, it literally is just the beginning and there is so much more to look forward to. It's already a massive hit in America, giving neighbours the option to "claim their business". I am hoping they do because it'll be another step in the right direction for us to build our business!

How it works

When getting set up, it asks you to confirm your home address so it can add you to your local neighbourhood. You set up a profile all about yourself, a bit like a Facebook profile, and then you are free to talk to your neighbours and nearby neighbourhoods!

Upon registering, I found myself placed in Bincombe, and able to communicate with 14 nearby neighbourhoods. How awesome?! Upon inspection of the site, I found people "welcoming" me to the app and saying hi to me. I had a browse and found classified ads, free to good home posts, local updates like rat holes spotted in gardens (seriously!), and classic recommendation posts for pet sitters etc. 

It is FREE to post in the group.

Categories are:
Free Items
Crime and Safety
Lost and Found

Not only can you make posts, but you can create events, surveys, private message your neighbours and alert them if something was to ever happen! I don't know about you, but this seems like one of the best ideas for an app I have seen in a long time.

Options on the Nextdoor app for Avon

What should I post about?

It is worth noting that Nextdoor is not like Facebook, or Twitter, or any other social media site you may be on. They don't want to know what you ate for breakfast or to see 100 posts a day, these are neighbours of yours that see you on a daily basis - so remember to be polite.

When you first join, it's a good idea to write an awesome bio about yourself so people know you're a nice easy going person. Make sure to mention you're an Avon Representative, but also talk about anything else you do for the community - e.g, zumba classes, dog walking, local nurse etc

We are still new to the app ourselves, but definitely finding the most success when not spamming our neighbours. 1 friendly post introducing yourself as an Avon Representative and asking if anyone would like you to drop them off a book is enough. I recommend only reposting this advert once your neighbours have interacted long enough for your post to be unseen.

Another good way is to "welcome" all new members to the group. Say hello and introduce yourself, like you would any neighbour!

Make sure you don't sound too business, as it may upset the people you're on the app with. Remember to use it to your advantage of looking for babysitters, finding a new bike, giving stuff away to a new home.


Nextdoor app for Avon, also available on your computer!

Don't have a smartphone or tablet? Not a problem, you can still get involved. Simply go to nextdoor.co.uk and register.

Nextdoor app for Avon available on your computer!


Have fun with it - add your pets too! That way people may start to recognise your pooches and remind them that they need to ask you about that new Avon product they seen on the TV advert.

Just be yourself 

Don't get me wrong, I am not an expert with this app just yet. I am still learning as I go along 🙂 The best advise I can give is to just be yourself on there. Treat the page like a "buy and sell" page from Facebook, or even better yet, your personal Facebook page. Attraction marketing is one of the best ways to attract the right kind of customers to your business.

3 top tips

1. Look for leads

You can use it to look for leads yourself. As an Avon Representative, perhaps check the Nextdoor app for your neighborhood every day, then every time someone comes on looking for a good, reliable Rep you can say, “Hey! Give us a call!”

2. Give referrals

If you have Nextdoor on your phone you can refer other people. I refer not only clients, but people that I know, like and trust to people who are looking for those specific services. This in turn helps me to be a good networker, and it can help you to be a good networker as well. It’s always a good idea to network. 

3. Find services for yourself

You can use it to find reputable services to help you with your business. A lot of times I might not even be actively searching for a product or service, but I’ll see someone else recommend a company, and I’ll make a note to keep them in mind for when I do need them. 

After you read this blog I recommend that you download the Nextdoor app for Avon, fill in your information, fill out the neighborhood you’re in, and check the recommendations. See if there are any opportunities for you there—I bet there will be! 


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