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Written by Gail Reynolds on November 16, 2010

Have you seen the new training tools on the Sales Leader website? Supercharge your business going into 2011 OK, these brand new business tools, available online, really could make the difference to your Avon business, going into Campaign 1. A new and improved 5th Quarter Contact Guide will help you to: - tackle 'inactives' with practical steps - make more efficient order management calls - boost your recruitment drive - overcome common objections and niggles - make Sales Leader development calls that will boost your team Promote your Pre-Christmas planning meeting There's also great advice in the 5th Quarter Contact Guide on promoting your Pre-Christmas planning meeting to your Downline Sales Leaders here on Avon Connects and on Facebook. Understanding the 'You're Invited' initiative You can learn more about the team-boosting 'You're Invited' initiative. It's all part of Avon's exciting 125th Anniversary year, and is cleverly designed to strengthen Representative retention. Download an inspirational 'You're Invited' presentation to share with your team. And, finally there are new handy December to February Planners... There's a whole wealth of support, ideas and practical steps to help power you through to 2011. Get ahead now, and you could reap the rewards next quarter. How are you managing the 'in-between' period between C18 and C1?

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