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Avon Report, Lipstick Entrepreneurs

Written by Gail Reynolds on February 16, 2010

Gone are the days of the purple rinsed Avon lady that sits in your home and goes through dozens of lipstick samples and makeup.

Now Avon's Ladies are business women and entrepreneurs that have taken the company by storm.

Lipstick Entrepreneurs


Take a look at two great reports about the ladies of Avon Cosmetics.

These Avon ladies have all given something back.  They have become lipstick entrepreneurs in their own rights.

All the Avon representatives and Avon sales leaders in the report have a different twist to their title.

Its a great read to see just how anyone can become and Avon Representative or Avon Sales Leader, whatever their circumstances.


Rise Of Lipstick Entrepreneurs press release FINAL

Take the Avon Opportunity today and become a Lipstick Entrepreneur too...

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