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Avon WOW Benefits

Written by Gail Reynolds on February 9, 2016

Did you ever want to earn money off the things you buy every day?

Well now you can with Avon's amazing WOW Benefits.  Exclusive to Avon Representatives and 5 of their friends!

Avon WOW Benefits

If you are already an Avon Representative and you would like to earn £25 worth of WOW Points then why not Recommend a friend to Avon and enjoy a further £90 worth of FREE Products too!?

For a limited time only Avon are offering an amazing 2500 FREE WOW points to any Avon Representative, whether you are an established Representative or if you join Avon today!

Avon Recommend a friend flyer


Avon Buddy up flyer WOW Benefits

What are you waiting for?

Join Avon with a friend today and start your WOW Benefits together!

Avon WOW Benefits

Avon WOW Benefits, your one-stop-shop for savings with over 3000 top brands.
Enjoy EXCLUSIVE Avon Representative access to the best offers, helping you SAVE in all aspects of your life.
Available for you once you receive your first order.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 Register

Once you have become an Avon representative you can create your WOW Benefits account.  Simply follow the online registration once you login to your personal Avon representative account.

Now you are an Avon representative you simply register to activate your account and take advantage of the savings on your favourite brands. With over 3000 brands to choose from you're sure to find deals to suit you.


Enter a few details and take the tour to find out how WOW Benefits can benefit you. Choose your favourite brands and tailor your account.


You're all set to start saving! Browse the hundreds of great offers and discounts. Save this page to your phone, PC or laptop so you can access every time you shop.

Don't forget to take advantage of inviting your friends and family to Avon's WOW Benefits too.  You can send your personal link to 5 of your closest friends so they can save ££££'s on their shopping too!

Here is what I have saved in WOW Points in just 6 months!

my Avon WOW points

And this is my typical shopping list of items I have bought over the past 6 months and 'Cashed in' over £160 in WOW points that I can simply transfer to my bank account any time and use a CASH!

My typical Avon wow points shopping list

As you can see, the proof is there.  This is a list of things I would have purchased anyway!...But, by buying them through the Avon WOW Benefits I certainly have benefited.  That £160 is growing each month and by the end of the year I hope to have over £500 in there to pay for all my Christmas shopping, or even an nice summer holiday somewhere.

So, why not start Benefiting today and join Avon and register with the Avon WOW Benefits program to get your FREE 2500 WOW points.


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