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How to write your Who Do You Know List

Written by Gail Reynolds on January 17, 2011

Direct selling is all about "Who you know" to begin with.  Once you have mastered your "Who do you know list" you can go onto networking with those people and really begin to build a huge customer base.

Building a customer list

Below is one of my many videos where I share my top tips and ideas on organising your very own Avon Who do you know list.  Take a look and take some notes to help you expand your own Avon customer list and therefore build your income.

5 Reasons why, you need an Avon Who do you know list

  1. Organisation
  2. Repeat customers
  3. Reliability and regularity
  4. Future networking
  5. Bigger Income

Remember th 5A's of Avon; Anyone Anytime, Any place, Always Ask

Tips to build your Customer list

  • Always keep an open mind and NEVER pre-judge who will buy from you
  • Always have a few brochures and order forms with you for that on the spot Avon customer
  • Go to my FREE Resources section and print of posters and postcards to advertise your Avon business in your local community
  • Always use the 5A's of Avon; Anyone, Anytime, Any place, Always, Ask!



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