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Sales Leadership Training – How to activate and use your Avon Personal Recruiting Page (PRP)

Written by Gail Reynolds on May 18, 2011

Once you become an Avon Sales Leader you will have access to your personal recruiting page.  You can find this by following the simple step by step guide Avon have put together by clicking on the image below and watching the video.


Activating your PRP page with Avon Online Video training

Activating your PRP page with Avon Online Video training

The Avon Sales Leadership PRP is FREE

If you have already watched the video above you will see the simplicity of opening up your PRP (Personal Representative Page)

The PRP is free to all sales leaders that want to start promoting their Avon business and advertising their personal page.

This is also the place you gain access to your BAR (Become an Representative) form too.

The BAR form is essential to your Avon Sales leadership business because it is your unique URL to your personal leads.

 My 3 top tips for using the PRP and getting the most from your BAR form

  1.  Upload a recognisable image and make sure it is as professional as you can get it. (your readers need to instantly recognise you)
  2. 1st impressions count so make your "About Me" section compelling and exciting. (Make the visitor want to become part of your team)
  3. Only ever advertise your BAR form URL when advertising for Avon Representatives. (If you advertise your PRP URL you are at risk of losing leads through them clicking away from your page)

If you use your PRP successfully would you like to share your thoughts on this topic?

I would love to hear how you use it to help build your Avon business



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