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Written by Gail Reynolds on September 4, 2012

Avon Going for Gold Remote training video features 2 of the most successful Senior Executive Sales leaders in the UK

Gail Reynolds & Marsha Barras

Avon training

The following video covers everything from

Why is it important to remote train?

What tools do you use to remote train?

What steps do you use to remote train?

How important is communication to your business?

What is the key to becoming and successful sales leader?

Take a look and make some notes, these tips and ideas that Gail and Marsha share will help you build, train and retain your team.

What is Remote Training?

Remote training is something that we all do, every day, every hour, no matter what resource it is you prefer to use.  We can all develop our teams faster and easier by building and developing your skills by using the FREE tools, resources and social media sites that are on offer and easy to access.

From the initial "Face to Face" appointment within your business we have all continued to train that new team member by using remote training.

Tool and Resources

Conference calls

Web casts


Smart Phones for Texts, Calls and Emails

Top social media sites

Face Book

You Tube



We all use remote training where and when it suits us and our team members.

Remote training whilst cooking dinner

Remote training whilst at the park with the kids

Remote training whilst in bed with your smart phone or lap top

The beauty of remote training is that you can use it

Anywhere ~ Anytime ~ Any Place ~ Always think Avon remote training!



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