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Credit Crunch

Written by Gail Reynolds on April 29, 2010

Credit Crunch

Credit crunching

“So many of my customers are complaining about the recession these days, and who can blame them? How can I

I always say – do your market research! Next time you’re out shopping, take a walk down the beauty aisles and make sure you know what competitors are charging for their products – everything from make-up to toiletries. Next time your customer mentions her money worries, let her know how much she’s saving by shopping with you. Maybe even write a few items down so she can see the difference. Remind her that she’s not even spending on petrol or bus fare either as you’ll be delivering everything she needs directly to her door! Don’t be mean with your samples either – if she knows you’ll throw in a little freebie if she spends a certain amount, she’s likely to order that little bit more.

keep them ordering when times are tough?”

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