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Find Train and Retain your team

Written by Gail Reynolds on September 10, 2012

Training a team of representatives or distributors is made easy with Gail Reynolds, one of the Top Senior Executive Sales Leaders within Avon UK.

Experts in MLM

Finding -Training - Retaining team members

Avon MLM is fast becoming one of the most attractive businesses to join.  With the ability to work around other commitments and work part time Avon offers a future that most would only dream of.

The following video shares with you exactly what Gail Reynolds has done since joining Avon in 2002.


Top questions to ask to become an MLM Expert

  • Why is training important?
  • How do you structure your Avon training?
  • What is remote training?
  • What are your thoughts on the Training Academy?
  • How do you make the most of the Avon tools?
  • 1 Top tip for retention

Becoming an expert within your MLM network comes with experience, persistence and the ability to be Lead people to their success.

Finding your team is about becoming as attractive as you can (in business)

Training your team is about  making things simple and easy to duplicate

Retaining your team is about you being reliable, loyal and innovative



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