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How to make money with Avon

Written by Gail Reynolds on April 12, 2010

Now there is the $1 million dollar question...OK, I know there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of ideas out there to Get rich Quick, but how about doing it the tried and tested way that shows steady growth at the speed you dictate?.

Your income will only be the results of your own efforts.  No excuses, no one to blame, no horrid boss that makes you feel low and under appreciated.  How to make money isn't all about methods, systems, education or even hard work, its about your attitude, your ambition to succeed and your want for a fabulous life style.

Being a mom to 3 kids and a wife to Brian and being the largest growing team in the UK has all been about how to make money, how to make it work for others, and how to simply duplicate our personal efforts in our business to make the business an easy one to make money in.

If I told you we earn over £100'00 a year and have only been doing our business for 8 years what would you say?....If I also told you I left school with no qualifications and was a single mom to 2 kids at the age of 25...what would you think of me?...and how about if I told you I lived on a terrible estate were no body went out after dark?  or that I had to shop in 2nd hand stores and charity shops for mine and my children's clothes?......

But now, 8 year later...we live in a HUGE home, with 2 Brand New cars, we have been on 5 All expenses paid trips, Barcelona, Prague, Majorca, Monte Carlo and new york..... We buy from all the TOP brand stores and eat out whenever we like.  Oh yeah and we have thousands of ££££'s in savings too...

Its all came about from simple determination, wanting to make a difference, sharing and caring for the team we have built and passing on the wealth of knowledge we have gained over the years of building the business.  Making money isn't easy, but it is HUGE fun and can really make the change YOU deserve in life.

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