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Network marketing and MLM from a woman’s point of view

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 21, 2011
The skills of a woman





I believe ALL women have these skill sets.
My 1st book Mum's The Word is a journey from 2002 to today on how I became an expert in the field of Network Marketing turning over £6 Million in 2010 with NO Qualifications, No Business background and 3 kids!
MLM and Network Marketing is an industry that simply is not championed enough and I for one am about to change that. If YOU want anything badly enough you will do what it takes to get it!
The industry of Direct Selling is one that opens up many opportunities for those of us that have families, responsibilities and even other jobs and commitments but want more from life.
So, my next book is about how Women especially can use their already ‘Tailored Skills’ to Build a huge Network and create an amazing new Life for themselves.

The Solution Sketch
The Solution Sketch

The skills listed; Negotiation Motivation Organisation Incentivisation and Prioritization are all part of my success to date and play a major role in my continued success.
In my next book I will talk about how you can use ALL of them to create a huge empire within your very own network.
I often get asked “Can anyone do it?” but unfortunately no I don’t think anyone can. Let’s be honest, if anyone can do it then there would be thousands more women succeeding much faster than there are today.
Less than 5% of those people that take on the Network Marketing concept succeed in the Industry.
The 5% minority out there succeeding are made up mostly of men and not us women. I want to change that!
So no, not anyone can do it unless they have the mixture of skills I mentioned above.
You need to ask yourself if you think you are as determined as me. If you don’t think you are then don’t buy this book!
Not anyone has the skills to prioritize and organise a Business plan and be Motivated enough to see it through. Not anyone can see the Incentive of completing their goal and negotiate their way to the Top of their Network. I am going to give you the tools and inspiration to go ahead and dare to build the empire within this industry that you deserve. It won’t be easy (My Mum Says…Nothing worth having ever is!) but it will be here for you to take. So what are you waiting for?

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