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Sales Leaders – How to appoint and transfer your leads

Written by Gail Reynolds on December 28, 2011

Avon Sales Leaders - How to appoint and transfer your leads


A simple video that shows you how to appoint and or transfer your leads once they have filled out the Become a Representative form (BAR)

Follow the video for your step by step tutorial




Follow up your Avon leads

  • Login to your Avon account
  • Go to "My Office" tab
  • Click "Leads" tab
  • Now either transfer the lead to your down line sales leader or appoint the lead yourself


3 Reasons to follow up your leads immediately

  1. Hot leads are only hot for 48 hours
  2. The lead may try else where if you dont respond quickly
  3. You want to look professional at all times and follow up is the key to success!

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