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Sales Leaders – Selecting an Avon representative and viewing your Avon reports

Written by Gail Reynolds on May 18, 2011

All Avon Sales Leaders have their very own website.

On the website you will have several training and how to guides to follow.

Below is a simple "How to" training video for selecting an Avon Representative from your team and finding your Avon reports.


Selecting an Avon Representative and Avon reports

Selecting an Avon Representative and Avon reports

Finding an Avon team member

  • Login to your Avon account
  • Click find a representative either by using their last name or account number
  • A list of Avon team members may appear, so simply click the team member you need and you are now logged into their personal Avon account


Using your Avon reports

  • Login to your home page
  • Go to my team office and click on reports
  • A list of reports will appear, click the one you are interested in and view your report


Do you use the Avon reports and select a Representative resources?

What do you think and how do you use the resources?

Please leave your comments, I  would love to hear form you.






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