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Written by Gail Reynolds on March 25, 2010

I have been in Multi Level Marketing for around 8 years now.  I have to admit I didn't even know what that meant for my first couple of years.  However, after many books, tapes, cd's and movies I am a devoted MLM'er and Network Marketer.  I wont tell you the company I work with as it would be wrong for me to assume other net-workers wouldn't want to hear my opinion and my successes in the business.  MLM is a simple process and concept if you have the stamina for it.  I am a mom to 3 kids and married to Brian.  I worked 20 hours a week and we managed to make ends meet.  However, after moving area I needed to meet new people and make new friends.  This is were I found MLM and Net-working, It was a new concept for me, working for myself and having no boss?....was this for real?...After 5 months in MLM I managed to quit my 20 hour a week job and become a 9-3 part time net-worker (with kids to take to and from school my comitments were still the same).  So now, after around 200 books read and many dozens of seminars and training days I am here to recomend some of the best (in my oppinion) books to read and be inspired to take the next step & change your life as I have.

My favourite year in MLM has to be my 3rd...It was when I went from being an amateur net-worker to becoming a professional one!.  I stopped playing at it and began to compete, set goals, standards and expectations of myself and my team.  At this moment in time our team is the FASTEST GROWING in the UK.  We are ranked number 1 for team growth.  I owe my success to the books I have read and listening and learning from exceptional people who have succeeded in MLM before me.  I am always the student, willing to learn, change, and serve others. 

If mlm is what you are looking for but need to know the basics i have to recommend Nuts And Bolts By Jan Ruhe

And Mums the Word: MakeUpMoney by Gail Reynolds

Also, The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes this one I personally have on DVD, in a book and on CD too.  the CD version is my favourite as I keep it in my car so when I'm on a recruitment day I listen to it as i go!

Me and my family are far from Rich!....We still want more from this business and will definitely get more.  We own 2 brand new cars and live in a beautiful home with En suites and beautiful views.  We go on holidays with our kids when we like and have the most amazing lifestyle.  Being rich isn't necessarily money in the bank, MLM has made us rich in LIFE itself.

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