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The Avon BDB, MLM Leadership Commission structure

Written by Gail Reynolds on May 31, 2012

The MLM Leadership Commission structure also includes over £6000 worth of bonuses within the levels of achievement.

Each level within the MLM Leadership Commission Structure offers £’s in bonuses.  You can achieve ALL of them with the MLM Leaders Exclusive Sales Leadership training Guide and the one on one coaching and business development that we offer.  So, take a look at what bonuses are on offer for you;

Avon Rewards Payment Compensation Plan as at 11th june 2013

Avon's BDB trainee to sales leadership level

Avon's BDB Trainee to Sales Leadership level


Avon Executive to Senior Level

Avon Executive to Senior Level

Achieve up to £6070 in Bonuses

Trainee to Sales Leader level

Achieve up to £180 in Bonuses

Sales Leader level to Advanced Sales Leader Level

 Achieve up to £630 in Bonuses

Advanced to Executive Sales Leader Level

 Achieve up to £1830 in Bonuses

Executive to Senior Executive Sales Leader Level

Achieve up to £3430 in Bonuses

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