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Avon Anew Skin Care Parties

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 26, 2012

Avon's award winning Anew skin care range is for all women from ages 30 to 60+

Avon Anew Skin Care parties will have your guests placing personalised orders from the Anew range with the help of the brand new Anew Skin Care Website.  Avon's skin care range deals with ages from 30 to 60+ and will have your Avon customers amazed at the quality and results the Anew skin care regime will give them.

The New Avon Anew Skin Care Selector can be found by simply clicking on the image below

The Avon Anew Range is perfect for this type of party and very simple to set up!  Keeping your display easy to set up and simple to take down is the key to you being stress free throughout the party.

Take a look at how I set up one simple display of the Anew Ultimate for the 50+ age range.


Here are my 7 Top Tips for your Skin Care party

  1. Make sure your display is colour coordinated and that the creams are easy to touch feel and use.
  2. Once your creams are open and ready to use, ask your guests to use the spatula's provided for cleanliness purposes and let them smell touch and feel your products on display.
  3. Flag all the brochures on the pages that have your displayed creams for them to purchase and make sure you know a little about the products!  That's easy to do as you can simply read the Avon brochure and google the 4 products within the age range for further information.
  4. If you are a little more confident you could do a mini facial with one of your guests by applying the cleanser, eye cream and day cream (again, you can find tutorials on this on YouTube).
  5. Remember the TOP TIP for ALL Avon Parties is to Keep It Simple.
  6. No frills, no expense, no gimmicks, with a little creative party planning and your guests having a cuppa, a biscuit & talking about the Fantastic Avon products you have to offer.
  7.  Always make sure you offer your guests a discount or free gift with each order you take on the day, and always remember to tell the benefits of becoming a Party Planner or Avon representative themselves.

It is time to do some work now, so why not put some of the Tips above into action?...

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