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Ladies night in with Avon

Written by Gail Reynolds on November 17, 2010

Girls’night in

Avon party night

Avon party night



“I’m thinking about holding an Avon party at my house,so do you have any tips for making it a success?”


Home parties are a great way of improving your business, as they:-a) Allow you to get to know your customers better

b) Let everyone touch, try and smell the products

c) Give you the chance to invite potential new customers.

Plus, everyone’s talking about the fact that staying in is the new going out thanks to the credit crunch, so what better way to have a great girlie night in than with gossip, nibbles and makeovers?

I suggest you make somefabulous invites, and perhaps offer an incentive to come

along, like a free gift or goodie bag. Make sure you have plenty of brochures and product to demonstrate, then just have fun!


How to host a party

Bag a few new customers this summer

“I have my regular customers, but I want ideas on how I can I meet new people.”

If you have children and they’re on summer holidays from school, hold a play date – it’s a winner! Your kids are happy because they’re playing with their friends and you get to tell their parents all about Avon and hopefully get some new customers.

Avon girls night in

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