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How Avon Make up can boost your confidence

Written by Gail Reynolds on November 26, 2014

One thing that does need to be said is that every body is beautiful in their own way, with or without the use of make up. Women wear make up for a number of different reasons, and of course they are all valid reasons. Make up is pretty much a work of art; it's a great way for a woman to express herself. More often than not, makeup says things about a woman they usually do not say on their own.

One in three women admit that they refuse to leave the house without makeup on.

Whether it's a nice lippy, black mascara or foundation, Avon is the company for you. With a quick swipe of Avon Mega Effects mascara before you walk out the door in the morning, we've got just the thing to boost your confidence.

But how does makeup make the user feel? Psychologists distinguish between trait and state self-esteem, a stable sense of confidence versus a transient boost. Grooming rituals can be temporary confidence boosters, and studies suggest that the confidence they inspire is itself attractive.

Avon Make up has helped boost womens' confidence since 1886

Avon Make up has helped boost womens' confidence since 1886

There have been numerous studies that show that photos of women wearing makeup are perceived as being more attractive, more likely to be hired, healthier, and more confident (Journal of Applied Social Psychology). In fact, in one study, in as few as 250 milliseconds of seeing a photo, participants rating women’s attractiveness rated women with makeup as more attractive (New York Times).

Did you know?

Empowerment and Social Networking … Long Before Facebook
In 1886, direct selling at Avon represented a means for women to earn their own money at a time when not many women worked outside the home. It connected women, who were otherwise isolated and immersed in domestic life, in what the company calls “the original social network.”

Since the early days, Avon Representatives have made the personal relationship the heart of their businesses. It’s impossible to tell just how many women have bonded while selecting the perfect Avon lipstick shade or fragrance. But there’s no doubt that this intimate “scents and sensibility” approach works; by 1920, sales topped $1 million, reaching $1 billion by 1972 and $10 billion by 2008.

Avon make up lipstick quote

Avon make up lipstick quote

Skincare products make up the largest part of the cosmetics market. One of Avon's best sellers happens to be from our Skin So Soft range, and also from our skincare range,  Avon sells 3  anew clinical eye lifts every one minute!

Best selling Avon Make up Products:

Every 1 second, Avon sells 4 avon lipsticks

Every 1 second, Avon sells 2 avon mascaras

Every 2 minutes, Avon sells 1 avon ultra colour lipstick

Every 1 minute, Avon sells 2 avon nailwear pro nail enamel

It's not just Avon Make up...

In one study, men who had just sprayed themselves with a scented versus unscented product were judged more attractive by women who could not smell them. The men with scented body spray simply acted more confidently and thus appeared more visually attractive.

Avon Make up mission statement

Avon Make up mission statement

If you love Avon Make up and the confidence it gives you, why not shop online for your favourite products on our online shop at www.gailsonlineshop.co.uk

To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.

Marc Jacobs

I love the confidence that makeup gives me.

Tyra Banks
I don't have makeup on all the time, but when I want, I have fun with my friends choosing clothes and putting nail polish on.

Emma Watson
*However, women who feel that makeup use is obligatory but unwanted, that it requires a forced confrontation with the mirror when they'd rather put their attention elsewhere, do not feel more confident after using it. Research suggests that women can feel objectified by makeup, and for such women, any potential advantage may be offset by the emotional labor of wearing it. In other words, makeup is what you make it of it. It is a choice.

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