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Avon sales kit

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 28, 2012

Avon have a brand new sales kit for all representatives and sales leaders

Online Avon sales kit

Have you seen some of Avon's best resources yet?....

I have uploaded some of them so you can get them direct from my Free Avon Resources section

You need to go online to your Sales leadership website and click on this image

Once you are in the page you will be amazed by what Avon are offering you for FREE to download and share with your Avon customers and Avon representatives.

Avon brochure images and downloads

Some of the most beautiful images are there for you to download, that can help you sell Avon to your customers and promote your Avon business to potential Avon representatives.  Each campaign you can choose from A3 A4 and A5 posters or prospecting cards and bookmarks, here are the most recent ones you can download here for FREE

Avon Free downloads for posters, postcards and bookmarks

There will be updated posters, poster cards and canvassing cards each campaign so all you have to do is Login to your Avon account and click this image

I can't wait for the Avon Christmas brochures so I can share the beautiful post cards and pop the posters up in and around my community.


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