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Avon’s Fragrance Perfume Pack

Written by Gail Reynolds on April 6, 2015
avon fragrance pack

Avon fragrance perfume pack

Most of you knew about Avon's Favourite's kit, but did you know about Avon's fragrance perfume pack?

This fragrance pack offers 11 perfumes in total - 10 best sellers, and 1 new mystery fragrance! You can buy this pack for £25 - That's just £2.27 per bottle of perfume, wow!

How to order

To order your Avon's fragrance pack, you must use the product code 68999 on your 4th order only. You can not order Avon's fragrance pack before or after your 4th order with Avon, so make sure you grab it at this one time opportunity!

Fragrances included

  1. Soft Musk
  2. Far Away Exotic
  3. Instinct
  4. Black Suede
  5. Instinct for him
  6. Secret Fantasy
  7. Far Away
  8. Little Black Dress
  9. City Rush
  10. Rare Gold
  11. Mystery fragrance!

Things to do with Avon's fragrance perfume pack

Great news, not only is this pack available to purchase for all Representatives in their fourth order regardless of MOV, but it's also great to get them off to a flying start with promoting some of our best selling fragrances.

So, you have just bought over £140 worth of products for just £25. What are you going to do with them?

  • Well, perfumes are one of Avon's biggest sellers so having a few of your customers favourites in stock will give you a boost with your earnings (you will not have to pay extra for another bottle, as you will have one in stock that you got extra cheap!)
  • They would make lovely prizes to your customer round when they place a nice big order.
  • You could write a note on your customers next order form saying "spend £10 or more to be entered into a prize draw to win 3 bottles of perfume!", or you could create a big hamper of your own with many other Avon products to make it an even more exiting win.
  • Host an Avon party, and have your perfumes out on display for your atendees to check out. You could even give them 10% off the current brochure price (for example, if they wanted the bottle and in the current campaign it was £12, give it to them for £10.80) if they want to take the bottle there and then.
  • When you do your Avon round, make sure to spray the bottle of perfume on you so that your customers smell and ask you about it. If they ask, point them to the correct page number in the current brochure and voila! You have a sale.


Product code 68999

Only available when placing your fourth Avon order!

 Avon's fragrance pack T&C's


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