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Fifty shades of Avon

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 25, 2012

The book of the year has nothing on Avon...

Fifty shades of grey, or fifty shades of Avon YOU DECIDE!

This years Christmas will truly belong to Avon cosmetics.  If you are fortunate enough to be part of Avon as a Representative or Sales Leader then you will already know what is coming for the 4th quarter (Christmas period).  Here are a few Avon products I would like to share with you.

Avons Talking teddy bear

There are so many offers that I don't know where to begin, but I thing the talking teddy bear is probably going to be my favourite.

The teddy bear is so soft and plush you have to see, touch and hear it to believe its quality.  Personally I will be taking my talking bear around with me to show all my Avon customers just how beautiful he is, and I am sure that fifty shades of grey will become fifty shades of Avon in no time!

Avons AF33

Then there is the Exclusive to Avon AF33 wrinkle corrector.  If you have not hear about this yet then you need to go and check out how you can get your AF33 for FREE.  The product has had 100% of women that have tried it saying they noticed a difference.  That surely isn't any shade of grey?

Avons Strictly come dancing perfumes

Or maybe you are more of a "Strictly come dancing"  kinda gal than a fifty shades of grey?... If that is the case then Avon will not disappoint you this Christmas with these beautiful perfumes inspired by the Strictly come dancing BBC show.

Avon products for men

Avon can ensure that there are more than fifty shades of Avon for the men in your life too.  Starting with this amazing FCUK watch exclusive to Avon at christmas.

To find out more about Fifty Shades of Avon, you can check out my Avon brochure here or Join Avon and earn yourself a 25% discount of yours and your friends and families orders.

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