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How to Host an Avon Party and boost your Sales

Written by Gail Reynolds on November 24, 2014

Hosting an Avon Party is bound to increase your sales within your Avon business. The beauty of hosting your own party means you choose the style which reflects your customers and yourself the most. So, make it your own and earn money at the same time!

Planning your Avon Party

Define "Avon Party": When you have Avon products, brochures, order forms and people all together in the same room!

As you know, your Avon Party can be whatever you make it. Here are a few successful ideas:

  • Having a few people round for a morning coffee
  • A childrens afternoon play date where the moms get together, too
  • Afternoon tea and cake with friends
  • Girly nights in, pyjama party
  • An evening with Cocktails and Canapes

But, it really is up to you. If you have another idea, then stick to it and make it work for you! The options are truly endless.

All a theme does is create excitement. You could also choose to theme around different times of the year – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mothers/Fathers Day.

Inviting people can be done however you want to do it too, you can make special invitations to put out with your Avon customers brochure, text them or ring them, advertise it on Facebook, and even eMail them. Whatever works best for your customers.

Tip: if you are inviting your customers, they are probably more likely to come if they can invite a friend. This way, they will feel more relaxed and of course it can mean extra orders for you.

 Your customers can host an Avon Party

This is a great way to get yourself new customers and to get to know your customers on a higher level. They will invite their friends and family and do a lot of the preparation for you. To get repeat sales and a good reputation for Avon Parties, you should give your host a free gift for the effort they have put in, or a discount off their order. You should help with the planning and offer the correct tools and recourses; here is a check list to make sure you have covered everything:

Avon Party Plan Checklist

Avon Party Plan Checklist

Like the list says, you should have a variety of products, brochures, order forms and samples available at your Avon Party:

Products - having products available for the guests to see is a great way for them to try out and have a look at what they could potentially buy. It shows them the great quality of Avon products, and it adds the perfect touch to any Avon party.

Brochures - when your guests have chosen what they would like to order, they are most likely going to want to order again from you. This means you will have the correct brochure on hand, and also the current brochure on hand for them to order from.

Order forms - This is for the obvious purpose of letting your guests write down what they would like to purchase and allows you to keep track of what to order on order day. Your order form should have your contact details on so the customer can write them down. When someone orders let them know their delivery date.

Samples - Samples are a great way to keep the guests thinking about Avon as they leave. They might try it, love it and add it straight to their order! Why not give them two and ask them to pass one to a friend? You may end up with an extra order.

If you are having a few party games or something to do for a bit of fun, why not try out Avon's Virtual Makeover? Upload a picture of yourself and check out different Avon make ups to find the right products to suit you.

 Your helpful Avon Party Tips

Now that you have your check list and you understand how an Avon Party can increase your sales and also build friendships between your customers and yourself, it's time for a few helpful Avon Party Tips.

A is for Awareness:

Avon Party A is for Awareness

Avon Party A is for Awareness

Online or face to face, everyone loves Avon products. The beauty of hosting an Avon Party allows people to come and get a feel of the products, with testers to offer, people giving their opinions on their favourites, and brochures to flick through. If someone is unsure about placing an order or simply can not stay long enough to place one there and then, there is the beauty of POB and taking the brochure away with them.

R is for Retail:

Avon Party R is for Retail

Avon Party R is for Retail

If you have your Avon order history, maybe it is worth having a peek through and see if there are any regular purchases from the customers who are coming along to your party. Have a lovely display ready of products that you would happily reccommend, and if they are wearable they do sample it so you can give your own personal reviews!

Our best sellers are Skin So Soft and Mega Effects mascara.

Y is for You:

Avon Party Y is for You

Avon Party Y is for You

If you are really passionate about Make up and / or fashion, why not really give your customers a demonstration; teach them different ways to apply make up, how to accesorise certain outfits, or how to do a certain hair style. Maybe if you are not so confident but you know someone who is, why not invite them and ask them to demo for you?

If you would like to start Avon today and host your very own Avon Parties then apply today via our online form, it takes a matter of seconds to complete!

You can find out more about the Avon Earnings opportunity here.

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  2. Trish Bow says:

    I have 5 x Cosmetic mirrors ideal for Avon parties, brand new £12 for all 5 magnified on one side, 17cm diameter, swivel, easily portable if of interest. Can post or deliver in Warwick/ Stratford area

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