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How to apply and find your perfect foundation with Avon cosmetics

Written by Gail Reynolds on February 11, 2011

Beauty Writer and Avon advocate, Lisa Behan gives us the low down on Foundation and how we all achieve a flawless finish.


We love foundation. Fact. It is the one product in nearly every woman’s make up bag. We use it to help even our skin tone, to cover minor blemishes and to improve our appearance. It can even make us feel more confident about how we look.
There are so many different products available and what seems like a million different shades on offer, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of wearing the wrong foundation. I’ll share a secret with you, choose the right foundation and it can dramatically improve the look of your skin.

Which foundation is right for my skin type?
The first step is to choose the right product for your skin type.

Cream based foundations
Great for dry and normal skin as they are oil-based products so they won’t dry out the skin. Cream foundations can provide quite heavy coverage and are very easy to blend.

Liquid based foundations
Good for normal or combination skin; they provide light to medium coverage. The consistency of the liquid is very light so it is easy to apply. If you have oily skin then try Avon’s Fresh face oil- free foundation as this is specifically designed for oily complexions.

Mousse foundations
These work well on normal or combination skin but are not so effective on dry skin. You have to work fairly quickly with a mousse or it can dry too fast leaving a chalky appearance. Not a good look when you are going for dewy natural looking skin.

You can also try a liquid-mousse combination; Avon’s Magix Cashmere Finish Foundation is the perfect blend between a liquid and a mousse. It has the lightness of a mousse, provides good coverage and it leaves the skin silky smooth.

If you suffer with dry or sensitive skin, then try Avon’s Calming Effects Skin Revival Foundation. It contains vitamin E and chamomile, both of these ingredients are well known for their soothing properties.

For mature skin, look for products containing anti- ageing ingredients. Anew Age Transforming foundationis specially formulated for mature skin. It contains elastin and collagen so is great for smoothing out fine lines and it provides excellent coverage.


Choosing the perfect shade
The second step is trying to find the perfect match for your skin tone. Try using the forehead or jaw line to test a small area of the foundation first. When there is no defined line between the two areas, you have the right shade for your skin.

If you have fair skin then a light beige or an ivory shade with warm pink or peachy tones will work best for you.

If you have olive skin then stick to a bronze or dark beige tone.

If you have dark skin, then a bronze shade with an orangey tone will look great on you.

If you prefer a very light, healthy and natural appearance trying using a tinted moisturiser as this is a much lighter alternative to foundation. Fantastic for those who don’t like wearing a lot of make up.

Prepare and apply
Always start with a clean base, after you have cleansed and toned, gently massage a light daytime moisturiser all over the face. Leave at least ten minutes so that the cream has fully absorbed.

Next comes the primer, using a primer will help to control any oily areas and help keep a matte finish. Apply a small amount concentrating on the T-zone area. You can try Avon’s Magix Face Perfector or for girls on the go, Avon’s Perfectwear foundation is fabulous as it already has a built in primer.

To create a smooth finish try using a brush to apply your foundation. Start by taking a small amount of product and work onto the face using gentle brush strokes in an outward direction.  If you start off using a small amount then you can build up to the level of coverage that’s right for you. Remember to blend, blend and blend some more. Make sure to pay close attention to the creases around the nose and along the jaw line.

Lastly to help seal the foundation, finish by sweeping a light covering of loose powder all over the face. The powder will help to eliminate any shine and will make your make up last longer.

A flawless finish in no time at all!

So if you’re guilty of using the same foundation for the last decade and feel it’s time for a change, then be brave and embrace something new. Ask your local Avon Representative about swapping your current foundation for one of Avon’s new foundations for just £4, which is better than half price!

*The foundations can be of any size, full or empty and can be any brand.

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