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Sending Out your Party Invitations

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 26, 2012

Sending your Party Invites

When giving out your invites don't be afraid to hand out twice as many as you would want to attend.  People have very busy lives (especially women) and there will be some that said "Yes" but life got in the way and they couldn't come.  With your Tea Party Invitations always make sure the guests know they can bring as many of their friends and family as they would like to come along with them.  make sure they know they don't need to bring their cash or cheque books either, the Avon Products ordered on the day are all "Cash On Delivery", this is another great selling tool to get your ladies over to your house for a tea party!

Give out the invites way in advance of your Tea Party date.  Give the guests plenty of time to pop the date in their diary and organise friends to come with them and child care for the children.

Top Tips on Writing out your Avon Tea Party Invitations:

  1. Ensure the time is within school hours (mum's love to have "Me Time" and your Tea Party is perfect for them
  2. Give plenty of time to invite their friends too
  3. Send the invitations 1 month in advance
  4. Collect as many Emails as possible ( e-Invites are a great way to invite more people in one go)
  5. Put the Tea Party Date, Place and Time on your social Media profiles (Face Book & Twitter etc....)
  6. Always make sure the full address with post code is on the invite (People need to be able to find you)
  7. Follow up is KEY to having guests attend your party, so call the guests at least a couple of times once the invitations are sent out.  And most definitely the day before the party!

With the invitations out there now we need to organise the Tea Party and choose a product to work with it. Here is a simple down load for you to take a look at for the setting out of the party;

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