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How to return, credit and replace your unwanted Avon products

Posted: 02/9/16 Categories: New To Avon

Great news Avon have made some improvements on our returns system. The changes will be made to help support Representatives with their returns. How to return, credit and replace your unwanted Avon products For a simple step by step guide to placing your credits on line, here is a video for you to watch   Here […]

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Avon’s Fragrance Perfume Pack

avon fragrance pack

Most of you knew about Avon’s Favourite’s kit, but did you know about Avon’s fragrance perfume pack? This fragrance pack offers 11 perfumes in total – 10 best sellers, and 1 new mystery fragrance! You can buy this pack for £25 – That’s just £2.27 per bottle of perfume, wow! How to order To order […]

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How to sell Avon on Facebook successfully

Selling Avon on Facebook

If you would like to join our Avon team and recieve even more exclusive and powerful Facebook selling tips, click here and fill in our application form it will take seconds! First of all, I would suggest that you do set up an eBay account in order to create a much easier way to sell […]

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How to sell Avon on eBay successfully

Sell Avon facebook header

Sometimes, you may come to realise that you have a load of unused, unopened, untouched avon products hiding somewhere in your shed or your loft, and they are simply too old to return. So, what do you do with them if you can’t return them? I’m sure you’d much prefer them out of your home […]

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Avon Favourites Kit for new Avon Representatives

Posted: 09/17/13 Categories: New To Avon

THE AVON FAVOURITES KIT HAS CHANGED! WE NOW HAVE THE FANTASTIC Make Up Your Own Mind kit for all new representatives to enjoy so simply click the link and see what’s on offer for All new representatives ready to place their 2nd orders.         All brand new Avon representatives are entitled to […]

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Submitting your Avon order

Step 4 Submitting your Avon order
Posted: 10/24/11 Categories: New To Avon, The basics of Avon

Here you will find out how you submit your first Avon order

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How to approach people with your Avon Books

Avon's Monogrammed Signature
Posted: 01/18/11 Categories: New To Avon, The basics of Avon

I have been an Avon Lady since 2002 and I would like to share some of my Top Tips with those of you that may need a little help finding more Avon Customers.  I will start with a simple 3 step list to help you on your way; How to approach people with your Avon […]

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How to pay Avon

How to pay my Avon bill
Posted: 04/15/10 Categories: New To Avon, The basics of Avon

How to pay Avon The amount you owe Avon is shown on your invoice. Paying for your Avon order is simple, with 3 possible ways to pay. Here is a simple explanation and video for you to find out more about how to pay your Avon bill Option 1 – pay Avon online You can pay […]

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