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How to return, credit and replace your unwanted Avon products

Written by Gail Reynolds on February 9, 2016

Great news Avon have made some improvements on our returns system. The changes will be made to help support Representatives with their returns.

How to return, credit and replace your unwanted Avon products

For a simple step by step guide to placing your credits on line, here is a video for you to watch


Here are the facts

Firstly, Avon have introduced a new smaller returns bag products code 90480 . The new bag means that small items like lipsticks and foundations can be returned without having to use a large bag. This will be returns bag that is sent automatically when requesting a credit. Representatives will also still have the option to order the larger bag for free with product code 90472.

Avon have added a 'Number of bags' box onto the bags. The small box means that Representatives will be able to write how many bags that they're sending back to Avon. This is so that Avon will be able to track all of the returns together. Eg. 1 of 3 for three bags being returned, or 1 of 1 for just one bag being returned.

Avon Representatives can take a look on My Learning Zone for Returns guides which are included in the pitstop called ‘The Avon Returns Process' or if you are an established Representative (LOA6+) you'll be able to see them in your 'New Representative' bus stop.

6 Steps to your Avon returns process

  1. Make sure that you've printed off or completed a returns form for each bag. If using the online form, you'll need to mark which items are included in each bag. If using a paper returns form, list the items being returned for that bag.
  2. You'll also need to add on the returns form; the bar code and how many bags you're returning.Avon Returns LabelAvon online returns form
  3. If you're returning an item that was substituted, make sure that you write what the substitute was on the returns form.
  4. Fill in the new ‘Number of bags' box on the bag.
  5. Seal the bag correctly - this should not be folded down the bag to make smaller, instead fold to the section at the top.
  6. Don't forget that the carriers don't check the contents on the bags so this is down to you to check, make sure you have filled all parts in correctly.

We are always here to help, so just ask any questions in the comments below.

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  1. Fiona says:

    i ordered a nailvarnish from a rep but can i return the nailvarnish as the colour is not as expected

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