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Avon Favourites Kit for new Avon Representatives

Written by Gail Reynolds on September 17, 2013



Make Up Your Own Mind kit for all new representatives to enjoy so simply click the link and see what's on offer for All new representatives ready to place their 2nd orders.





All brand new Avon representatives are entitled to purchase this one of Exclusive Favourites Kit on their 2nd Campaign only!

Avon Favourites Kit for new Avon Representatives

3 Simple steps to ordering your Avon Favourites Kit

Avon Favourites Kit   1. Place your 1st MOV (Minimum Order Value) order with Avon online and on time 2. Pay for your Avon order and place your 2nd Avon order online on time over the MOV 3. Order the Favourites kit with product code  69021 Your Favourites Kit will arrive in your 2nd orders delivery!

Using your Avon Favourites Kit

First of all the Avon products included in this fantastic Favourites Kit are all of Avon's top selling products.  That gives you the highest potential of selling these products to your existing customers or using them as a display for your first Avon party or Coffee morning. The fact that these Avon products are the Top Selling products in the brochure means you have the potential to demonstrate them time and time again and earn more and more money through your demonstrating efforts. You can offer the products as Free Gifts to your existing customers and offer them to 1st time customers too!...We often encourage our Avon Representatives to write a special message on their order forms and offer a Free Gift for orders over the value of £20.00, or maybe if they Introduce a friend?... Maybe you could organise a Raffle too?... Offer your customers a FREE Raffle ticket for 3 consecutive orders over the value of £10.00 and you will enter them into a raffle prize draw for the amazing AF-33 worth £30.00! You can do so much with this Avon Exclusive Favourites Kit, so why not go ahead and order it today!? Offer is exclusive to New Avon Representatives placing their 2nd Avon order.

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4 responses to “Avon Favourites Kit for new Avon Representatives”

  1. alyha begum says:

    I have just started being a sales rep but I didn’t receive a starter kit and catalogues to deliver.

  2. Gail says:

    Hi there
    Do you live in the UK?
    If so someone should have came out to see you?
    Please let me know where you live so I can help further?

  3. christine says:

    hi there… i was wondering how i pay for this… is it one payment i make or is it taken like the admin fee?

  4. Gail says:

    Yes, it will be charged on your invoice when you order it. So, simply remember you owe this to Avon when you pay your customers money in, just add your money to the payment x

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