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Submitting your Avon order

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 24, 2011

Submitting your Avon order

A simple guide for Avon beginners.  

This video will show you how to place and submit your 1st Avon order, along with your admin, brochures and bags.  

Video Highlights

  • How to Place your 1st Avon order
  • How to order Admin Products
  • How to order customers products
  • How to order First Look Products 
  • How to back order and Earn extra money
  • How to order your Avon Brochures - We recommend you order 8 pks = 40 brochures 
  • How to Save your avon order
  • How to View your Avon order
  • How and when to submit your Avon order

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Useful Admin 

  • Brochure Bags 76935 packs of  50
  • Large paper bags 92486 packs of 50
  • Medium paper bags 92478 packs of 50
  • Medium plastic bags 92528 packs of 5
  • Ring Sizers, 82917 x 2 free
  • Order forms 87197 x 2 free
  • Avon Calling cards 82933 packs of 100


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