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How to sell Avon on eBay successfully

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 22, 2014

Sometimes, you may come to realise that you have a load of unused, unopened, untouched avon products hiding somewhere in your shed or your loft, and they are simply too old to return.

So, what do you do with them if you can't return them?

I'm sure you'd much prefer them out of your home than sitting pretty in the corner somewhere, collecting dust. Well, over 12 years of business, we've had huge boxes full of free gifts, returns, discontinued products, etc waiting for us to sell Avon on eBay.

Selling Avon on eBay is pretty simple. Here are the steps we took:

Step 1: Create an eBay account purely for your Avon products / business.

We called our eBay account, gailsreps - this is our business name and is associated with Avon products. We like to stay consistant. The reason behind the name is so we can advertise as well as sell Avon through eBay.

When you register on eBay, you have the option of registering as a business. To register as a business, click the start a business account link at the top of the registration page. The process and information required are similar to registering as an individual, with the added advantage of being able to add your business name to your account. See How to register for a step-by-step guide to the registration process.

Registering as a business account

Registering as a business provides you with an identifiable name and the opportunity to build your reputation as a seller.

Choose a business account if you:

  • Sell items that you have bought to resell.

  • Sell items that you have produced yourself to sell.

  • Sell a large amount of goods on a regular basis.

  • Sell new items that you have bought but not used personally.

  • Sell items as a Trading Assistant.

  • Buy items for your business.

Advantages of a business account

  • Business sellers can register with a company name. That company name will be displayed in all communication with the buyer, such as invoices and emails.

  • Business sellers could be eligible to qualify for a discount on eBay fees.

  • Business sellers can display contact details, and terms and conditions in all of their listings.

  • Business sellers could realise tax advantages if they register as a business.

    how to Sell avon on eBay successfully to earn

    how to Sell avon on eBay successfully to earn

Step 2: PayPal accounts

If you don't already have a PayPal account, this is the time to make one. This makes transactions so much easier for customers to transfer their money direct to your account. You need to set it up with an email address, so if you don't want it to go to your personal one this is your chance to set up a proffessional Avon email address. We set up a brand new one under "ebay@gailsreps.co.uk".

Step 3: Sort through what you can and can't sell

It will give you a much nicer reputation if you only sell the unopened, undamaged products. If you don't have these, it's not a problem, just make sure you select "New Other" - this way you can write exactly what is wrong with the product in a description box given. Do not sell opened lipsticks!

Step 4: List your products

So now you have your accounts sorted and your products ready to be sold, it's time to list them. Start with the item you have most of. For example, if you have 5 eyeshadows and only 1 cream, sell the eyeshadows first.

eBay really does most of the explaining on how to list your items, I am here to tell you how to sell your items.

Avon on eBayTips for step 4:

  • Include all of the "item specifics" - well, the ones that you know. This helps the buyer determine whether the product is right for them.
  • Only add good quality photos, and more than 1. Take a couple of pictures of the actual product, and also include some from online (proffessional photographs of the item). That way the buyer can see exactly what the product is.
  • Always include as much information in the description as possible. Customer reviews, Avon RRP for the product, articles written about it, etc. Write exactly what the product is about. Here is an example we have for our Mega Effects listing:
  • Avon Mega Effects eBay listing

    Avon Mega Effects eBay listing

  •  Offer FREE P&P. This makes your product stand out from the rest and you get a lovely green ribbon displayed on your listing. Even if you aren't offering free P&P, incoorperate it into the actual pricing and then offer free P&P. For example, you want to sell your mascara for £10, but want £2 for postage. Put it up for a BUY IT NOW of £12, and offer free P&P!
  • sell Avon on eBay

Step 5: sending the items

Now after your hard work listing all of your wonderful products, it's time to say farewell to them and sell them onto the next make up lover. Don't just wack it in the post, make sure to add your personal touch to it. Put in a small letter, saying thanks for their order, and a link to your POB, website, facebook, and other social media sites. Don't forget to add your contact details and also why not ask them to post positive feedback on your eBay account? This boosts your page and lets your future customers see how great you are. Here is our example of the letter:


Avon on eBay sales letter

Avon on eBay sales letter

Step 6: getting repeat customers

To get repeat customers, you need to demonstrate absolutely fantastic customer service. Create a Facebook page for POB customers and eBay customers to communicate together, see ours by clicking here.

Make sure your communication is on point via email whilst the transaction is taking place.

The customer is always right!

Inform the customers that if they don't see anything they need or want on eBay, they could always view your Personal Online Brochure and recieve the same A* service.

On your eBay page, it gives you the option to write your own guides at the bottom of your profile. This is an excellent way to communicate with your online customers by telling them useful things, from what Avon actually is, to how to apply an eyeshadow you are selling. The aim is to tell them about how amazing Avon products are and all the positives of it, also dropping the fact you have those products on sale for a great price.

Gailsreps Avon eBay guide

Gailsreps Avon eBay guide

And don't forget...

The sales you get from eBay doesn't have to stay eBay only. You may sell to people who are local to you coincedentally, (this happens, done it twice now!) - so why not go the extra mile and hand deliver it, with an Avon brochure by your side too?

Our eBay page: www.ebay.co.uk/usr/gailsreps

 Want to know more?

There are many different ways to sell Avon online, one being Facebook. Here is another blog showing you how to sell products via Facebook, and how to do your eBay and Facebook selling together.


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