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Avon Live Your Dream Event 2011

Written by Gail Reynolds on June 5, 2011

FREE tickets to LYD event 2011

What can I win?At the end of Campaign 9 2011 the Top 50 Sales Leaders in each league will be eligible to receive a free place at the Live Your Dream event at the Celtic Manor Resort in August 2011*.Remember you need to have booked and paid for your place at the event by 1st June 2011 in order to be able to receive the above.

How does it work?

Every Independent Avon Sales Leader has been placed into one of four leagues based on their SLLOA (Sales Leader Length of Association) as at Campaign 5 2011 (Trendsetter Campaign 7 2011): SLLOA6 or more - Sales Leaders have been placed into three leagues using a random number generator to ensure impartiality. The leagues are called Commitment, Motivation and Engagement.

The fourth league, called Inspiration, is made up of those Sales Leaders with SLLOA5 or less. All Sales Leaders appointed during the incentive will join League 4, Inspiration.

Details of the four leagues have been placed on the Sales Leader website (My News section, Rewards and Incentives).

All names will be placed in first name alphabetical order until the first results are available. Check out the league you’ve been allocated by

Wednesday 30th March 2011. When the first results are available at the end of Campaign 6 2011(Trendsetter Campaign 8 2011) each list will ONLY show the top 250 Sales Leaders in each league. The league lists will be updated every campaign

How do I score points?

You can score points by doing what you do already!Simply concentrate on the activities below that build your business and increase your earnings.

Points can be earned (or deducted) every campaign from Campaign 6 2011 - Campaign 9 2011 inclusive (Trendsetter Campaign 8 2011 - Campaign 11 2011).

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