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Avon car incentive

Written by Gail on October 7, 2016

Avon's Car Incentive is for anyone to achieve

Did you know Avon have a Car Incentive for all Sales Leaders that are building their business here in the UK?  Did you know, anyone can acheive a car of their dreams by simply recruiting Representatives and teaching them everything they know about Avon?  Well, they can! And it is NOT a scam.  I can prove it!

This is me in my Brand New BMW 5 series - 3 Litre Engine - Luxury Edition car, which was given to me for FREE for all my hard work with Avon!!


To say I am ecstatic is an understatement.  I had absolutely no idea this was achievable, and especially by someone like me!

My Journey so far with Avon

After joining Avon back in November 2002 as a Sales Leader I knew I wanted to work at the business and be able to leave my 20 hr a week job so I could be at home with my (then) 2 kids.  Within 5 months I was earning the £100 a week I needed to enable me to quit my job and I could really begin to build my little team of Avon Representatives.  I say little because back then I have 60 Representatives on my team all enjoying Avon with me.  We would meet up and have coffee mornings and discuss how we were going to find more customers and earn more money though our sales.  And through sharing our successes as a team it inevitably grew.

Over the years my team of Representatives started to spread across the UK.  I clocked up soooo many miles in my 'old car' that I was worried how long the poor thing would last!.  

The older sign written Avon car

My husband Brian joined the business and soon we were both full time working our business and developing Representatives to become independent Sales Leaders like ourselves!.  This is when the business really began to move.  Within 6 years we had moved into our 1st home together, got married, had Rosie and were on the path to achieving our very 1st car with Avon.

Avon car incentive 2010

My beautiful Red Mercedes 220cl

avon-car-incentive-2010-mercedes-gail-reynolds      avon-car-incentive-2010-gail-reynolds

This car is still with us and stands pride of place on our brand new driveway next to our latest edition the BMW.  But that's not it!

The avon car incentive rolls over and continues every 3 years!  So, if you maintain your sales and continue your business with Sales Leadership you simply get given the keys to the car on your 3rd year and start the incentive again!  So, for the 2 years I had my mercedes all I ever had to do was put diesel in it! on the 3rd year it is mine to do what I want with.  So, as all doting parents would, I passed the car down to our daughter Libby who has been building her Avon business 'Punzels' since her 18th birthday.

Have you done the maths yet?... Well, in 2013 we achieved the car incentive again.  And this time Brian chose the car!

Meet our Audi Q5


This certainly is a dream car and one that has been an absolute beauty.  So, when we reached all our targets on the 3rd year we were handed the keys and the paperwork and it was ours to do what we wanted with it. After long discussions and the way our business was growing we knew we could afford to sell it for something very special to Brain. His dream car has always been to own a Bentley. So with the money ready and waiting in the bank, the next car to be pulling up next to our BMW and Mercedes will be a Bentley continental no less!

Dream cars come to those who work their butt off!

So, if you thought it couldn't be done.  It's all a myth and you can't really actually truly be GIVEN CARS from a company like Avon then think again.  It can be done, we are living proof of it.

We don't have any special qualifications or any magic wand that has earned us these amazing cars.  Just hard work, determination, drive (pardon the pun) and the ability to simply stick with it.

If you are still thinking "na, this can't be real" then I don't know what else to say to you apart from the fact that we are "real people, earning real money" with Avon Sales Leadership. And we wouldn't be where we are today without this amazing company and all it has offered us.

We are a simple family trying to make ends meet and with Avon we have managed to build a lifestyle beyond our wildest dreams and the cars are just a massive bonus along the way.

If you would like to find out more about the Avon sales leadership opportunity then simply make a comment below or check out some of my links to my blogs.  I'd love to be able to start you on your Avon journey and who know what you could be driving in the next few years!?


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