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Avon Exclusive Incentives Team GBR 2014

Written by Gail Reynolds on September 17, 2014

And so it begins

In August 2014 Avon Leadership seen it's biggest ever Pay Plan and Bonus change.  And with those changes came many different challenges and hurdles.  Here at Gailsreps we have embraced every single change and made our personal Team GBR Leadership incentives some of the most impressive and exciting we have ever announced.

Holidays - Cash - Websites and much more

Page 1 Team GBR Exclusive incentivesPage 2 Team GBR Exclusive incentives

Have you ever thought about how others manage to achieve some of the most amazing incentives and prizes whilst you are still struggling to hit the 1st target or goal?

Well, after being in this business since 2002 I can honestly say I know exactly how that feels too.  It took me 6 years until I got any kind of recognition or prize for any of my work.  But each year I sat back and watched others achieve I knew one year it would be me, and once it was, there was never going to be a year I wasn't going to be recognised for something I'd achieved within my business.

But, with that sinking feeling of sitting there feeling "it's never going to happen to me" I decided I never wanted any of my Team of Leaders to feel like that or wait 6 years for recognition or achieving and incentive.  So that is where our Exclusive Team GBR Incentives was born.

Recognising each Avon Level achievement

Page 3 Team GBR Exclusive incentivesPage 4 Team GBR Exclusive incentives

For us it is all about recognising each level for what it is.  And enhancing the Leaders ability to reach the next Level with the prize we award.  It isn't about just giving money away, or random gifts, it's about ensuring what we give will enrich and increase the Leaders business skills and become an investment into their business too.

Being a part of Team GBR is all about TEAM work, we work with workers only, and it really is about





Since 2009 we have had many many team members achieve some of our Avon exclusive incentives and they have gone on to accomplish some amazing things within their Avon Leadership business.  Here you will find but a few of their stories, including some of our very own pieces of recognition.

Being part of Team GBR is a very exclusive and exciting part of being within the Avon Network.  We not only cover some amazing exclusive incentives for you but we have an exclusive Leadership training guide that we go through with you every step of the way.  But there is a catch!!...You have to be a part of Gailsreps to become a Team GBR member.  So, if you haven't already joined Avon now is as good a time as ever.

Stop worrying start doing

what do you have to lose-12

So what are you waiting for?...Maybe today is the day that YOU change your life forever?...

I would love to have you as our next Team GBR Achiever, why couldn't it be you?

If you'd like to ask us anything about our Avon exclusive incentives or Avon's new Pay Plan and Bonuses them just contact us today.



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