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Written by Gail Reynolds on November 24, 2010
eNewsletter: Exclusive to sales leadership
>Planning for the New Year"As Sales Leadership Policies and Procedures Administrator for Avon part of my role is to ensure that the Business E-Guide, supporting documentation and all departments are kept up to date with the latest changes. We look at everything on a quarterly basis and we are currently finalising the C1 2011 changes. You will receive e-mail notification of the details soon.

In my role as a Sales Leader Council Business Partner I enjoy gathering feedback from the Council members. The Sales Leader Council met earlier this week to review Sales Leadership activities that took place in 2010 and to plan for 2011.

I have been working with the other Business Partners to revise the current advertising guidelines and approval process, including internet advertising. We have lots of plans for providing information for you and are also working on improving the website facility that we offer.

Listening to, and working together with Sales Leaders is very important to me; opportunities like the recent Independent Avon Sales Leader Eastern Region meeting are the perfect opportunity to do just that. In my role I want to help that Avon to strive to meet, and hopefully exceed the expectations of Independent Avon Sales Leaders."

Annette Marchant
Sales Leadership Policies & Procedures Administrator

Business Development BonusCongratulations to those of you who have achieved the Business Development Bonus this campaign. The 'achieve' bonus is paid for moving upwards in the levels of Sales Leadership. The 'maintain' bonus is also paid to those who have kept their status for the previous three campaigns. For full details of the bonus programme visit the Sales Leader website.
Campaign 16

To Sales LeaderTo AdvancedTo ExecutiveTo Senior Executive
320 Achievers27037112
Campaign 17

To Sales LeaderTo AdvancedTo ExecutiveTo Senior Executive
314 Achievers2723372
Maintain Bonus – 216 Achievers

>Watch this space... more news coming soon!
>Calls to Independent President's Club RepresentativesFrom 6th December 2010 the Sales Service Centre agents will be making calls to Independent Avon President's Club Representatives about running their Avon businesses online. There are many great benefits to being e-enabled, including placing orders online. If any of your team receives a call please encourage them to register.
>Did you know – quarterly update processThe quarterly update process alerts all existing Independent Avon Sales Leaders to changes that have an impact on their contractual agreement with Avon, as well as making sure that all new Sales Leaders are signed up to the latest Agreement and Business E-Guide. Together these documents form the Independent Avon Sales Leadership agreement with Avon. The next changes are due to go live in December 2010.
>Interview with Karren BradyKeep an eye on Avon Connects during December 2010 for an interview with entrepreneur Karren Brady. She'll be answering questions submitted by Independent Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders about the issues that they feel affect them.
>Campaign Calendar and C2 2011 date changesThe campaign calendar for 2011 has been added to the Sales Leader website in Latest News. Please note that there have been some changes to C2 2011 delivery dates for a few Areas. To see if you are affected by these changes check against the campaign calendar on the Sales Leader website and not on the information printed on your invoice. The information on the Representative website is correct and we can confirm that Campaign 18 and 1 invoices will show the correct dates, so may differ from earlier invoices.
>Avon calling!The introduction of the new 0333 telephone numbers has proved to be a great success and should help you to save money. Around 75% of all callers are using the new Sales Leadership number and mobile useage has also increased. Despite having their own number running in parallel, Independent Avon Executive Sales Leaders have also embraced the 0333 number, with 43% of all calls arriving on the 0333 number.

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