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Gail Reynolds with Declan Curry show Me The Money on BBC News

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 10, 2011

Gail Reynolds with Declan Curry Show Me the Money Show on BBC News


Lively debate with Declan Curry and the top bosses and entrepreneurs about who’s making money and how they are doing it.

What an amazing evening, from the Radio 5 Live show On the Money with Declan to the BBC News show Show Me The Money

Taking about Small business's surviving in the world of doom and gloom and how my business in particular has thrived and grown in sales and income.

How did me and my team sell over £6 Million in products this year and over £5.5 Million last year?

How do I as a small business overcome the unexpected and the changes that come up in every day life and business?

What is it that makes the entrepreneurial spirit move forward and build bigger and better within the economical down turn?

Is it really all doom and gloom?

From my point of view it absolutely is not! Business is positively booming and with my 2nd business only opening up on September12th to help other women in business today that need that help support and community spirit.  The book Mum's The Word went out on the shelves on the 12th too!  Again the book is to share my story, encourage others to do the same, take the leap of faith and move themselves forward into thriving business's of their own.  the brand new and very Unique forum that compliments the books The Working Woman's Forum is there to encourage and build friendships amongst women that are striving for success within their own business's too.

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