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Google+ Avon and Team GBR circle invitation

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 7, 2012

Google+ Circles are the best thing since face book!

A Google+ Circle invitation has been handed out to you my friend 🙂

Simply click the image below to come and join me in my newest social media platform

The fantastic news is there are loads of features and gadgets and widgets and apps that are featured in the Google+ platform but I still haven't managed to master them all.

The Google+ Hangout is going to be bigger than Skype!

I am especially loving the Google+ Hangout!

Later today I am going to have a "Team GBR Hangout" so I hope those of you that are part of the team can come along and experience it with me for the 1st time ever.

Google+ is FREE and easy to join if you haven't already!

3 Simple steps to signing up and joining Google+

  1. Click on the image below and go and Sign Up to your Google+ account
  2. Now begin to follow the Tour provided
  3. Now start to Add friends to your circles including me GailsAvon Reynolds

I look forward to seeing you on the Google+ social media platform

Let me know what you think about the Google+ hangout....





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