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Written by Gail on March 20, 2017

Welcome to the UK's most successful team of Avon Representatives and Avon Sale Leaders.  So if you want to Join Avon, all we need to do is show you is how easy it is!

welcome to gailsreps where we believe in your beautiful future

Why Join Avon?

There are so many reasons why people Join Avon and we are all very different and unique in our WHYS.

So, if I told you I Joined Avon back in 2002 because I wanted to meet new people, would this be the same or a similar reason as to why you would like to Join Avon too?

I had moved home (135 miles to be exact)  with my 2 kids and my husband Brian.  Brian found a job and was working 60 hours week in a supermarket and I had a part time job that paid me £100 a week for basic food, gas and electric bills. We were surviving, but I was lonely, depressed and missing my friends and family.  I Joined Avon after seeing an ad in the local free paper saying 'Join Avon, meet new people'.  PERFECT for me!  I was recruited and given my books and admin to get me off to a flying start.  I have never ever looked back, and I have learned so many things about this business and myself since joining Avon in 2002 that all I want to do is share my success and experience with YOU.

Your reason for wanting to Join Avon may be completely different, do any of these sound familiar:

  • I want to earn more money
  • I want to be at home with the kids more
  • I want to be my own boss
  • I hate my job and want to try something different
  • I want to be able to afford more luxuries
  • I would like to meet new people
  • I would like to try something new
  • I love Avon!
  • I want to grow my confidence

i just love being aroundYou may have other reasons entirely but these are just a few of what most new people Join Avon for.  

Do you often hear yourself saying;

  • I hate my boss
  • I hate my job
  • I can't afford that
  • I don't remember the last time I went on holiday
  • I don't know anyone
  • I wish I had the confidence to do that
  • I would never be able to work for myself


Well, by Joining Avon we can help turn all these negatives into a positives and furthermore YOU get to choose how, when and where you do it!

How can I sell Avon?

  • From the comfort of your own home we can teach you how to sell online through your personal FREE online store to anyone anywhere across the UK
  • Direct selling to your community, neighbours, friends, family and local businesses
  • Door to door with your very own allocated area
  • Social sharing locally through social media and email
  • Party Plan on and offline
  • Selling your Avon products on Ebay

avon party plan testimonials


How you sell your Avon products is up to you.  Choose what you feel you can excel in and do that!

Where can I sell Avon?

  • Anywhere, to
  • Anyone
  • Anytime
  • Anyplace

The 4 Avon A's - Avon Insight magazine Issue 1 2015The 4 Avon A's - Avon Insight magazine Issue 1 2015

You are unlimited to the places and people you can share your Avon business with.  How you choose to find Avon customers is only limited to your imagination!  So why not Join Avon with us here at GailsReps, we are excited to see what you can do and how you can change and grow within yourself and your Avon business.

Lets get started

What's on offer when you Join Avon today?

At the moment Avon have some amazing Welcome packs that ALL New Avon Representatives are entitled too when you Join Avon with us here at gailsreps.  They are that amazing many people think it is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!  But trust me it is true and you can be on your way to achieving £300 worth of Avon kits absolutely FREE today!  My latest blog on the £300 Avon welcome kits explains everything with no hidden agenda's or small print!

£300 pound avon welcome kit

When and how can I Join Avon?

You can Join Avon here, it takes 10 minutes to have your account up and running with access to your free website and online store!

You can be earning money through sharing your FREE Online store within minutes.

All you will need to do is call me direct, or apply via our fast application form.  Depending on how fast you want to get started we can accommodate your personal circumstances and get you going when you are ready.

 Changing lives and exceeding expectations

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