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Team GBR 2013 Avon Exclusive Triple Incentive

Written by Gail Reynolds on January 14, 2013

Fancy a boost for your Avon business in 2013?

Team GBR have an exclusive triple incentive

Split over 18 campaigns to boost your motivation and your business growth



Team GBR are the only Avon Sales Leadership team in the UK that offers ongoing incentives to new and established Sales Leaders that join the team.

We offer incentives with NO time limits that will enhance your business for every level you achieve.  This particular incentive starts in C1 2013 and goes right through to C18 2013.  It is for Sales Leaders on our Topline only and no matter when you join Team GBR you will be entitled to join the Triple Cash incentive.

Avon Sales Leadership is a the only way to get yourself out of the rat race and into a life you always dreamed of.  All we do here at Gailsreps is help you reach your goals and dreams with training, coaching, developing and motivational incentives!


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